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    I'm going to leave this video here because he says it better than I can.

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    A response from the man himself.
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    Hahahahaah this is actually fucking hilarious in soo many ways! He really breaks it down for the viewers in the most simplistic and funny way.
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    By watching this video it is beoming even more clear that this guy is a legend, cant believe how much everything has been blown out of proportion by the Wall Street Journal! Its a disgrace...
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    A Forbes Contributor - PewDiePie's Misguided War On The Media Sounds Familiar

    This contribution to Forbes was enlightening. The contributor, Paul Tassi usually does game, console and TV reviews. It is an article comparing and contrasting PewDiePie with Donald Trump's dislike for the media.

    Over the past months I have watched PewDiePie's videos I have seen him talk about and highlight the issues with the media. In his credit Paul does acknowledge that PewDiePie is more palatable than Donald Trump. Maybe he's a fan who is upset by his recent behaviors and would like more 2014 PewDiePie type videos?

    However, the highlighted points by PewDiePie are valid.

    - Click Bait
    - Sensationalist tag lines
    - Lack of context to glue it all together

    Doing searches for how much contributors get paid, its from nothing to quite a lot.

    Another thing is when a contributor posts they post to the live site.

    Contributors only get paid a premium for the first 90 days so if you read the above article and the contributor is getting paid and its May 17 or later they are now getting 25% less.

    Now if everybody was like Paul and wrote a well balanced piece then the media wouldn't be so heavily criticized.

    However, pieces used by the WSJ for the video included a clip of him where he is actually talking about the media out of context as talked about by h3h3productions video above. That WSJ video's biggest Tuber comment is Perfect Example of Fake News.

    Also as he lives in Britain, Hate Laws are very clear.

    Another issue that has not been talked about is Fiverr. Fiverr provided a method for members of the public to buy services that -could have been used- in a very hateful and hurtful way. Imagine it wasn't some guy on youtube making a funny video, who was genuinely shocked by the fact they actually did it, but a group who then used it on their website for the full use of its hurtful message.

    It is funny because it is in context. That is so important. Without context a persons behavior is unexpected.


    I am in a restaurant with a friend, he goes to the bathroom, his shirt rips on the latch on the way in. Its his favorite shirt. If anything happened his shirt he would be in bits. So he comes
    back and finds a $5 bill on the ground and I say to him - must be your lucky day! And he just explodes!

    For me sitting at a table, my friend has just gone to the toilet and come back and found $5 and whatever I said he explodes. I have no context or understanding as to why he just got angry. If I knew what happened then of course I would understand better.

    This is why context matters.

    So the media takes the above example and would say:

    Best friends split up over $5, you wont believe why!

    Instead of:

    Best friends have argument because one of them didn't realize the other just tore his favorite shirt.

    There is no real story any more. Its not even interesting.

    This is the real issue with the media. It isn't competing with blogs or junk news, It has become junk news and blogs.

    Contributors looking for a paycheck so they drive traffic with desirable headlines.

    I cannot blame the media for what it has become. Not all of the content created by the media should be tared with the same brush. Not all of it is junk. But we as consumers of media must start making decisions as to what is "good media" and "junk media".

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    Well google says pews is skyrocketing!

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